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The Quantum Medicine of Our Time

LOOKING-GLASS MEDICINE is pioneering work in Homeopathy energy healing, and particularly in medicine. It possesses the energetic power to heal the mental, emotional, and physical illnesses (refer to Case Studies under the title “Publication”). This form of energy medicine culminated a synthesis of the healing laws and principles of Homeopathy and Jungian psychology of the archetypes, into which also incorporates the human energy system (the chakras) in both theories and practice. Understanding the spiritual implications in your illnesses is an integral part of this healing process for one to achieve deep healing.

I focused my healing and research work, over the years, on how individuals of trauma impacted life/psyche can be healed deeply. Culminated in this process is a sound foundation of Looking-Glass Medicine in terms of theoretical congruence and consistency in applying the Laws and Healing Principles of Homoeopathy at a quantum level. In that, this quantum healing system heals the soul wounds and the life impacted by trauma , which lead to healing diseases/illnesses of the physical. It is this unique three-dimensional energy healing system’s capacity to heal from the depth of personal unconscious that bring about INNER TRANSFORMATION in patients in transforming the "conditioned" negative/harmful behaviour patterns to life affirming ones. Particularly, many of them were severely traumatised.

Refers to "Case Studies & Publications" for case examples of the healing spectrum by way of Looking-Glass Medicine:

Deep soul healing also heals the many forms of ADDICTIONS (alcohol, drugs, sexual, …), the tendency to self-harm, etc., as the root causes of of these can often be traced back to the experiences of trauma and (childhood) abuse.

Healing the effects of trauma-impacted psyche/life deeply can and will alter those self-negating emotional and thought pattern. This means that deep healing will undoubtedly change and increase the vibratory frequency of your energy field (aura). Frequency is information — human feelings, thoughts, and emotions are energy frequencies that ultimately influence how the physical (body and environment) manifests as reality. As such, physical healing and the maintenance of health are contingent upon healing the effects of trauma at the deep level of the human psyche. 

Einstein says, “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Particle is matter, which is determined ultimately by the field as in how things manifest. Human body in disease and health is influenced and impacted by the individual energy field, the vibratory frequencies, 

in the evolution of consciousness. 

Looking-Glass Medicine's capacity to engender spontaneous INNER TRANSFORMATION in individuals from the depth of personal unconscious makes it the QUANTUM MEDICINE of Homoeopathy to heal wounded souls.

I have successfully facilitated numerous individuals’ healing journey to heal their various complaints (e.g. addictions, trauma, certain autoimmune diseases …), both in person and via Skype consultations.

Looking-Glass Medicine Training Courses are now available to those who possess the aptitude and desire to be a Healer/Practitioner of Looking-Glass Medicine. Training Courses offered are unique, which is designed for students to not only gain self-knowledge, but also to heal themselves deeply thus, they would be enabled to possess the capacity to hold that “Sacred Healing Space” of non-judgment for their patients in own healing practices. Jung expressed this understanding succinctly:

"In the end, only the wounded physician heals and even he [she], in the last analysis, cannot heal beyond the extent to which he [she] has healed himself [herself]."

Parameters of Healing in Looking-Glass Medicine

  • DEPRESSION; ADDICTIONS of all forms where their root causes are frequently found in (childhood) traumas of abuse

  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) - e.g. Experiences of Violence, Caught in Combat War Zones, Discordant or violent home environment, ACCIDENTS, etc.


  • ANGER Control Issues - bursting into anger/rage at slightest provocations.

  • WOMEN'S HEALTH Issues, e.g. Candida, Period pains, Menopausal symptoms, Endometriosis, etc.

  • Men's Health Concerns, e.g. Penile candida, and other psychologically related dysfunctions.

  • LACK of Self-Confidence, LOW Self-Esteem, Self-Loathing, Self-Harming, unable to speak-up/assertive when situation arises, etc.

  • CLEARING MIASMS (inherited or acquired) and Detoxifying Toxic Substances introduced by Vaccines/Drugs.

    It is important for every human being to clear the miasms alongside of the deep healing process. Miasms are the foundation of many chronic diseases developed later in life. Additionally, miasms are the underlying factors in causing discordant or misaligned emotional and mental energies. The potential in young people to develop autoimmune diseases is unfortunately increased manifold when the vaccinations are mixed with the existent complex miasms in humans already via genetic inheritance.

  • CHILDREN: Learning Difficulties, Behavioural Issues, or other Physical Conditions (e.g. bed wetting), or the Developmental Problems - physical (e.g. childhood cancer), emotional or mental condition (e.g. Asperger's Syndrome) may be owed to vaccination damage, etc.

  • Healing Outcome

  • SPONTANEOUS TRANSFORMATIONS - from Negative Behaviour Patterns to POSITIVE -

    e.g. ability to let go of ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOURS, Toxic Relationships (because of increased sense of self-worth), etc.;

  • Self-Knowledge, Gains INSIGHT into oneself and others, more AWARENESS as if just "grown-up";

  • Greater degrees of CONFIDENCE, increased SELF-ESTEEM, more JOYFUL;

  • More able to stay in one's INTEGRITY (not compromising oneself to please others or for unethical personal gains);

  • Synchronicity (inner reflects outer - The simultaneous occurrence of events/conditions which have no discernible causal connection but appear significantly related);

  • Taking back personal POWER --- NOT playing VICTIMS or acquiesce to others' whims/unreasonable demands
  • Less susceptible to infections, Healthier ; More Vitality .

  • Ability to set healthier boundaries with others, friends and loved ones;

  • Able to spend time alone, and enjoys one's own company;

  • More OPEN, can better relate to oneself and others from the HEART, more spontaneous, ability to FORGIVE and LET GO of the past hurt feelings.

    To Be Healthy is to Be Whole.

    HEALING oneself is the greatest and deepest Act of love and self-love.

    Healing One's Own Soul Wounds Frees One to Live the Life

    Intended to Its Highest Potential

  • Location

    I have relocated from Cambridge to France since the 9th of April 2018. Please contact me by email, if you wish to obtain more information regarding this quantum medicine of healing — Looking-Glass Medicine

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