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Looking-Glass Medicine is quantum medicine of Homeopathy that heals soul wounds and damaged psyche owed to trauma. Conceptual shift in Quantum physics from solid objects to atomic and subatomic particles reveals SYSTEMS or HUMAN BEINGS are integrated wholes that cannot be understood by analysis or by reducing it to their component parts (e.g., symptoms of disease). Conceptual shift of reality in science must also imply that the medicine and medical approaches to disease or healing will necessarily be holistic for healing to be truly effective. At the subatomic level all solid material objects dissolve into wavelike "patterns of probabilities of interconnections / interrelationships" (Capra, F.), the patterns of personal unconscious. Healing by means of Looking-Glass Medicine is premised upon the quantum probabilities of interconnections.

“Looking-Glass” is a name chosen to communicate the two aspects of this unique energy healing modality. Firstly, it denotes the reflective nature of life — the manifested realities we know as the unfolding of life in events and/or circumstances are reflections of the human consciousness so are the manifestations of individual health and disease (that is if humans were not subjected to terrorists'/governments' deliberate bio-warfare). The inner and outer realities are mirror images of each other. Therefore, in the context of life, if the effects of trauma can be healed at a deep soul/psychic level, then the outer reality (e.g., the physical/environment) would change to reflect the inner healed state.

Secondly, Looking-Glass Medicine embodies the essence of what means to be healed, as its reach goes beyond the physical reality in patterns of probabilities at the quantum level. More to the point is that its tenets; attributes, philosophy, and holistic approaches to healing and its outcome are quite the "opposite" to what the expected norm is in medicine; either from classical homeopathy or the orthodox/bio- medicine. Healing by way of Looking-Galss Medicine takes place in the personal unconscious, by-passes the cognitive mind, which is the reason to consider it a quantum medicine.


There are three concepts in quantum physics explain the "quantum nature" of Looking-Glass Medicine in its capacity to bring Inner Transformation.

First, “The Planck’s Constant,” a physical constant describing the relationship between energy and frequency, and Planck assumed that quantum of radiation is equal to the product of the frequency of the radiation, which is the emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium – [human being]. The phenomenon of deep healing in Looking-Glass Medicine to affect the personal unconscious is contingent upon the resonance between the transmission of similar “energy and frequency” of a potentiated homoeopathic remedy to a “material medium” of a human being. That is, the pattern of a potentiated remedy (the patterns of probabilities in the frequency of radiation) when similar to a patient’s energy pattern (in relationship to a specific chakra), then energy transmitted thusly would create resonance like the tuning forks leading to healing outcome specific to the individual.

Second, the term “Observer Effect” describes that the act of observation creates changes on a phenomenon being observed. The act of “observation,” in this quantum energy medicine, influences the depth of a patient’s healing outcome. “Observation” is required from both, the practitioner/healer and the patient, to participate in the healing process in order to affect healing at the quantum level of the patient in the personal unconscious.

This means that the patient must participate in own healing by possessing the attitudes of deep commitment to the self and the deep desire to be healed, as the patient’s non-participatory attitude will not sufficiently invoke his/her own innate self-healing capacity, the archetypal healer, to heal even when the given remedy is the Simillimum. For the same reason, the healer necessarily possesses the ability to hold that “Sacred Healing Space” of non-judgement and non-attachment while accompanied by Acceptance and Compassion. Deep healing can only come from within the self. The saying, “No one can heal another without whose participation in own healing” is an age-honoured wisdom.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle explains the third aspect of Looking-Glass Medicine being a Quantum Medicine. In that, the relationship between the healer and the patient is considered a quantum system where the consciousness of the practitioner and the patient’s own commitment to the self/Self would impact on the healing outcome though the certain effects on each differ. In that, how/what one heals is not predetermined but contingent upon the patterns of probabilities of interconnections in a patient.

Aspects of the human psyche, at the quantum subatomic level, are the indeterminate “patterns of probabilities of interconnections.” Therefore, what aspects of one’s psyche would be healed is in relationship to one's "Patterns of Probabilities." That is when the given remedy is the simillimum and is capable of creating resonance in the patient. Accordingly, the patient’s healing, at the quantum level, would depend upon the individual’s intention to be healed and soul’s own design (patterns of probabilities of interconnections) — the patient's commitment to him- or her-self determines the depth of healing and outcome.

The “Uncertainty” states a fundamental property of quantum systems, which means what aspects of the psyche that can be healed are NOT predictable. "Uncertainty" is not a statement about the success or failure of healing but the depth and healing outcome. It is in this respect that I am frequently pleasantly surprised by how each individual patient heals.

Looking-Glass Medicine possesses the potential

to fulfill the greatest promises Homeopathy and Medicine can and could bestow upon humanity in healing the Cartesian body/mind split to

Integration and Balance.

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