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Looking-Glass Medicine (LG-Med.) Research and Studies provides a high standard professional training programme designed to advance this unique energy/vibrational healing modality. It synthesises the healing laws and principles of homoeopathy, Jungian psychology, and the human energy system of the chakras that unifies the traditional dichotomous divide of psyche and soma for the healing outcome to be deep and profound.

The purpose is to educate and train future generations of practitioners and healers of a high calibre, whose soul path is SERVICE. Each one of them will, by the end of their training, attained certain degrees of self-knowledge, developed and possess those essential human attributes of integrity, honesty, congruence, and self-respect in their individual commitment to assist other’s healing process as well as furthering their own healing. The development of personal qualities is vital for each one of them, as these are the personal qualities in holding the “Sacred Healing Space” of non-judgment in facilitating their patients’ healing.


To provide students with a solid and broad based knowledge of homoeopathy and Jungian psychology and human energy system in concepts and theories, which must be applied in healing and in personal development.

The Course structures include Classical homoeopathic training and in depth study of the Element theory, and the broad and basic Jungian psychological concepts.

To encourage self-reflection where students can gain greater self-knowledge in their personal and spiritual development. This is akin to the process of inner integration of shadow contents, inferiority feelings, power issues, and the problem of ego-inflation. In other words, it is an integration of the inner sacred masculine and sacred feminine selves.

The individual’s own healing journey by means of the Looking-Glass Medicine is an essential component in this training programme. Every student must undergo this form of deep healing in order to possess; 1) the first hand knowledge of the inner workings of what means to be healed at a deep level; 2) the insight into the inner landscape of the psyche as a practitioner/healer who assists others’ deep soul healing.

Through this healing process the student learns how to relate, understand, and facilitate others’ healing journeys with sensitivity, awareness, insight, knowledge, and skills within the parameters of Looking-Glass Medicine.


Students are awarded a Diploma (Dip LG-Med.) on fulfilment of seminars, workshops, Course Assignments (+ keeping a Study Logbook), personal healing journey (+ keeping a Personal Healing Logbook), individual Tutorials, and required clinical hours. On obtaining the Diploma of this first level of training, he/she is competent to practise under SUPERVISION — A fully qualified practitioner is obtained on completion of two years' Supervision.

Upon successfully presenting a research thesis of 15,000-20,000 words in an area of medicine of one’s choice with two years of supervision programme completed after receiving the Diploma, the student is then awarded Graduate Diploma with the permission to use letters, Grad. Dip. LG-Med. to practise UNSUPERVISED.

"Looking-Glass Medicine" is a protected title. “Grad. Dip. LG-Med” are letters used only by persons who are graduated and professionally qualified from “The Institute of Looking-Glass Medicine.”

The LG-Med Graduated Diploma does not constitute a formal Counselling or Psychotherapeutic training. However, this training programme does equip the practitioner with necessary counselling and spiritual guidance skills, knowledge, and personal development pertaining to one as Looking-Glass Medicine healer/practitioner.

The name and professional details of each future graduate practitioner will be published on the LG-Med. website: www.looking-glass-medicine.com


Please consider INTENTLY the following guidelines of admission to the Training Programme:

• Possession of Tertiary qualification/s or good degrees of competence in essay writing.

• You either already possess a Diploma in Anatomy/Physiology & Pathology, or you will need to obtain these qualifications during the Course Studies.

• A willingness and ability to work on personal issues and development, as one is required to undergo the LG-Med deep healing process (must keep a personal healing log).

• Personal qualities and attributes will be looked for in an applicant are: OPENNESS to different ideas, concepts, and principles of healing. WILLINGNESS to discuss/reflect on personal issues. ACCEPTANCE of and openness to people of differing cultural backgrounds and ethnicities as well as those individuals who are either affiliated with various religions or those who do not subscribe to any.

• Personal qualities such as Integrity, Honesty, Congruence, (self-) Respect, and a sense of Responsibility are also looked for and valued.

For a prospectus regarding the Course Structures, Contents, Management of the Programme and Fee Structures please write to:

Ai-Ling Su (email contact on Home Page)

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