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VACCINATION DAMAGE - Remedying It with LG-Med

The widely implemented vaccination programme, over the past decades, has done untold damage to the human immune system and severely compromised human genetic integrity. Many of the toxic substances via vaccines are injected directly into the blood stream, which in these by-pass all of the human immune layers of defence has done damages to humans at a deep level. Such practice potentially has also given rise to the development of a multitude of autoimmune and chronic diseases of increasing deeper pathology - incurable and prolongs suffering.

However, my brief discussion and exploration of the inherent dangers of vaccination below IS emphatically NOT ADVISING parents to stop vaccinate their children because the question whether to vaccinate your children or not is now a DOUBLE BIND, and the purpose is to inform, as humanity collectively have arrived at a place of little choice. That is, unless you seek alternative form of STRENGTHENING your child’s immunity, either vaccinate your child or not can pose health problems because of the already compromised human immunity from the compromised immunity of the parents (having received vaccinations as children themselves has already altered genetic programme) is passed down to the next generation as genetic inheritance. Under such genetically altered conditions could POTENTIALLY render their children to be far more susceptible to BOTH vaccines and childhood diseases — the double bind that can do harm either way. This point is particularly pertinent in view of many recent outbreaks of childhood diseases in both vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. The real issue here is the question of individual “SESCEPTBILITY.”

Humanity, in general, has become more susceptible to all kinds of diseases because of increasing susceptibility and weakened immune system owed to unquestioned acceptance of vaccination since the mid 1950s. Essentially, as human beings, we have lost the knowledge of our body’s innate wisdom and capacities to self-reference and self-heal.

As the body intelligence would have it, children are likely to make significant developmental leaps after recovering from contracting e.g. measles, mumps, or rubella. Simply, contracting and recovering from these childhood diseases are the processes of expulsion, to a large extent, in getting rid of the inherited miasms and toxins. Miasms are energetic imprints of diseases that impact and influence every level of human development. Miasms could be either inherited or acquired by one contracting certain diseases, the energetic patterns of which are passed down the generations as genetic weaknesses/susceptibility/foundation of chronic diseases, if not cleared energetically. The inherent complexity of miasms (genetic susceptibility) in humans is, however, increased manifold by the vaccines owing to their suppressive and toxic nature. Therefore, within this environment of far greater mixes of miasms than the populations of the 18th/19th centuries is the potential future development of more and more complex chronic and autoimmune diseases like the Gordian Knot.

Considering the above very brief explanation, clearly, the potential manifestations of all kinds of diseases, acute, chronic, and autoimmune, are within the self/body because of the inherited mixed miasms (e.g. syphilis, tuberculosis, cancer, etc.). However, humans are much more likely to enjoy good health and vitality when these are held in relative balance by the body intelligence. Yet, these can be triggered to manifest certain (inherited but dormant) diseases by the external factors (e.g. shock, trauma, or vaccinations), and/or the internal conditions (e.g. prolonged grief, anger, resentment, hatred, etc.) that disturbed the body’s balance over time. Children having cancers, and young adults Dying in their prime time of life, e.g. cancers develop with speed and often silently. These diseases in the young ought not to have happened.

However, the exponential increase in cancerous growths and in the number of autoimmune diseases — “self attacks the self,” is mainly resultant from those foreign genetic materials, toxins, carcinogens, etc. being introduced into our body directly by means of vaccines. This practice has rendered the human body ineffective in its natural ability to process and expel the carcinogenic materials, which further exacerbate the inherent susceptibility to developing certain diseases. Such medical practise has greatly compromised the integrity of human immune system to cause confusion to its ability to self-protect and self-heal.

In addition, the indiscriminate over-use of ANTIBIOTIC drugs alters the body environment for it to become susceptible to fungal diseases, e.g. Candida, because of the destruction of healthy bowel flora. In certain cases, CANDIDA can kill.

VACCINATION — An Assault on Human Immune System and Genetic Integrity

Vaccines could increase the potential development of multiple sclerosis, neuralgias, neurological deficits, rheumatic conditions, etc. as well as the many forms of cancers and tumours. In 2002, the Journal Lancet published "compelling evidence that contaminated polio vaccine [SV 40, a cancer causing monkey virus] was responsible for up to half of the 55,000 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma [diverse group of blood cancers] cases that were occurring each year.”

Contrary to the indoctrinated belief and perception by the biomedical profession, vaccinations DO NOT protect humans from diseases – my point here is to highlight the disturbing "new development" — Atypical Measles Syndrome (AMS) found only in the vaccinated teenagers (since 1960's).

This vaccinated group when exposed to wild measles virus several years after they were “immunized” with killed measles vaccine, is perhaps the more serious indication of not only the ineffectiveness of vaccines but also causing damages to human immunity.

Measles is an infectious viral disease, and is relatively harmless under the natural immune system of human beings (prior to the implementation of vaccines), though there are exceptions. Atypical Measles is characterised by a two- to three- day prodromal of high fever, cough, headache, and myalgia followed by a rash that resembles scarlet fever, or varicella (chicken-pox). This condition may be complicated by oedema of the extremities, transient hepatitis, and pneumonia with persistence of pulmonary lesions for several years.


Suppression of childhood diseases by means of vaccination; 1) PREVENTS the body from throwing out the inherited miasms, and 2) INTRODUCES toxic substances directly into the blood stream by-passes all the immune layers of human body. Such practise makes humans increasingly susceptible to acute manifestations, and which also set-up the environment for the future development of chronic and autoimmune diseases.

Compromised Immune System's Function - production of allergic symptoms as immune responses because of the changes in histamine for one to become highly sensitive to certain foods and environmental conditions, e.g. allergies and allergic reactions

 of many types.

Recurrent low-grade fevers, discharges (chronic nose & ear “infections”), skin eruptions, etc. These are the immune system’s attempts to develop immunity by appropriately responding to the internal and the external “environment.”

The impact of vaccines can damage the nervous system and the proper brain function that could result in delayed speech, learning disability, hyper-sexuality, autism, encephalitis, or seizures (epilepsies), etc. (Please refer to Harris Coulter’s Book - Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality for more detailed account on damages by vaccines).

Toxic substances in the vaccine, e.g. mercury, aluminum, carcinogens, macerated cancer cells, formaldehyde, adjuvants, etc. can result in changes in the various organ systems depending on the degrees of affinity with the toxins (e.g. mercury can affect brain, kidneys and lungs).


These listed symptoms here are by NO means inclusive.

A vaccinated child can become more susceptible to developing ADD, ADHD, allergies, Tourette’s, Asperger's syndrome, asthma, autism, behavioral difficulties, cancer, continued colds (runny nose) and low-grade fever that are difficult to recover completely.

Other symptoms: convulsions, coughs, cramps, digestive problems, ear infections, sinusitis, chronic nose discharge, eczema, itchy skin, epilepsy, failure to thrive, confusion, many fears and phobias, head banging, headaches, inability to focus, learning disability.

Vaccinations could also bring about an impaired immune system that render the body more susceptible to acute diseases as well as the future potential development of chronic and autoimmune diseases. Vaccines can also cause disruptive behaviours in children and Violent Outbursts of anger/rage. Symptoms such as these may indicate neurological disturbances in mental and emotional state.

Homeopathic Remedies can be Applied to Correct Some of the Vaccine Damages

Depending on the depth of pathology caused by the vaccines, some injurious effects of the vaccines can be corrected and detoxified by many of the homeopathic remedies. Children respond particularly well to the detoxification programme. The protocol of detoxification is carried out along side Looking-Glass Medicine's deep constitutional healing, which not only rid the body of the energetic imprints of the toxic vaccines, but also clears inherited miasms (genetic disease patterns) to a large extent, in this process, also strengthens immunity with increased vitality.


Self-healing and self-organising are innate abilities of all life forms, therefore, the purpose of homeopathic energy healing is to stimulate your innate self-healing capacity to heal. Self-medication is NOT advisable as uninformed use of any forms of medicinal drugs has the potential to cause harm. "Homeopathy Does No harm" is a fallacy and myth.

Favourable Manifestations: The listed symptoms below could come to manifest when the body is coming into greater balance and when the effects of vaccines are Detoxified, and other old symptoms could also return briefly.

If/when symptoms of fevers, skin rashes, or any forms of discharge, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. develop during detoxification process, then one ought to do NOTHING, as these are the body’s way of clearing the toxic substances. The duration of these symptoms is very short.

* Disclaimer:

Any information obtained in this Page is not to be confused as legal or orthodox/bio- medical advice. To vaccinate or not is your decision alone. However, as human being, one need to begin to ask some questions regarding the efficacies of Vaccination. Primarily, the purpose of this page is to explain how the body intelligence organises itself towards self-regulating and self-referencing in order to engender self-healing by means of the least harm done to itself — symptoms of disease are body's way of communication, and as Jung said, these are "failed attempts to heal the self.".

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