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Typical Sessions & FAQ

CONSULTATIONS - are Scheduled on a regular basis — every 4th week. This time gap of four weeks is to achieve the optimum healing outcome in the shortest time frame for inner transformation to take place. Long lapses between visits are often counter-productive — obstructing the natural processes of healing. The saying, "Strike the iron while its hot" is a fitting analogy to this process of deep healing.

I have found this arrangement and time gap between appointments, from my clinical experiences, to be the most effective to your healing progress as well as being economic.


  • In Person Face to Face

  • Via Skype

    TIME Frame Required to HEAL:

    Depending upon the issues involved and your state of health, this journey could take anywhere from 6 months to one year or longer to bring about the desired healing outcome. For some, it may take up to 18 months in order to precipitate a satisfying level of emotional, psychological, and mental integration. Then, there are others who heal much faster than the expected time frame.

    Individual consultations are taking place in a safe, private, and relaxed environment. There is no set "format" as such for each session — tell me whatever comes into your mind openly and honestly, as any inclination to conceal the "truth" will impede the healing process. Your deep desire to be healed and your participation are important in this form of deep healing — DO NOT censor your thoughts and emotion. I do ask questions when necessary.

    I am happy to answer any queries that may be of concern to you to my best of abilities, since I prefer my patients to be well informed of WHAT, HOW, and WHY in the way I work, e.g. administer a specific remedy potency, or your responses to the given remedies.

    FIRST Consultation: Approximately 50 minutes.

    SECOND Session & the Follow-Ups: 45-50 minutes. During these sessions, I will assess how the remedy has worked for you and how your healing might proceed from there. As you heal, change, and grow, you will require remedies of different elements to meet your healing needs.

    Healing is a SOUL's Journey in search of it's own WHOLENESS.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Important Note:

    If you have any kind of discharge after receiving homeopathic remedies, such as runny nose, or particularly, those symptoms you have had prior to treatment, etc., please DO NOT take anything to suppress or make these symptoms disappear. These symptoms are indications of healing, it is your body's way to detoxify and reorganise itself to greater balance in its effort to heal.

    1. WHAT IS Homeopathy?

    Homeopathy is a form of energy/vibratory medicine and is based on the principle of "Like cures Like" — only one (constitutional) remedy, at a given time, is the most similar to your constitutional make-up, including psychological and disease patterns. This adheres to the homeopathic healing principles of “single dose and minimum dose.” However, this remedy may change as you progress in healing.

    2. Am I able to incorporate other forms of Energy Healing with Looking-Glass Medicine?

    Any form of energy healing such as Homeopathy, Chinese acupuncture, Reiki, etc. when combined, tend to interfere with each other. Interference of such not only set your healing progress back, but also counter-productive. The short answer to this question is "NO."

    It would be much more beneficial if you allow one or the other to do its job thoroughly and effectively at any one given time.

    3. ARE there other Therapies that work well with Looking-Glass Medicine?

    Massage, chiropractic, osteopathy, etc. work well along side of LG-Med, as each works on different aspects of the body, you could incorporate any one of these to further enhance your sense of wellbeing if you so wish.

    4. Will the Potentiated Remedies Interfere with my Conventional Medical Treatment?

    Generally, No. Potentiated remedies (energetic) and orthodox medicines (physical) work on different levels. Therefore, homeopathic remedies can be taken along side most of the orthodox medicines. However, some, e.g. corticosteroids, MAY slow down your body’s own healing process though do NOT obstruct its healing.

    5. How long will it take for me to get better with LG-Med?

    First Aid remedies given in emergency situations — e.g. bruising, insect bites, etc., work very fast to bring healing and balance to the body. However, healing the mental, emotional, and physical health issues, trauma impacted life, would depend upon the depth of pathology, the nature of your illnesses, and the state of your vitality.

    Although our body responds to the homeopathic potentiated remedy simillimum immediately with noticeable feeling of a sense of wellbeing, it requires time to heal the many aspects of the self and the psyche. The effects of trauma imprint deeply on the psyche, which in turn, shape the psychological behaviour patterns that would impact on the development of (chronic) illnesses of deeper pathology with far greater complexity than the acutes. Therefore, first, you need time to process the effects of healing ensued at the depth of your being and, secondly, your body needs time to clear in a step by step manner of the many miasms knotted together (through genetic inheritance and/or acquired in your life time) in order to reorganize itself into greater balance and harmony.

    In a nutshell, it is the degrees of trauma experienced, the depth of pathology, the complexity of illnesses, and your commitment to your own healing that determine the time frame required for you to heal more thoroughly.

    I have patients recover within a few months (e.g. low blood platelets count, depression). Other more complicated diseases and emotional patterns (e.g. trauma of abuse) could take a period of time anywhere between nine months up to eighteen (the intervals between each visit can vary from 3 weeks to one month). However, there are also individuals who heal in much shorter time than expected.

    After receiving the remedy, you should experience a sense of wellbeing — relaxation, bodily tingling sensations, etc. All of which are indications that the given remedy is in resonance with you to begin your healing journey.

  • "Healing is a process, Not a happening."

    6. Will I be able to Self-Medicate with Homeopathic Remedies?

    Please Do Not self-medicate, especially while you are under constitutional treatment in deep healing. Uninformed use of homeopathic remedies could be harmful that disorganise your vital force or abruptly halt your healing progress. On the other hand, the remedies administered by a skilled practitioner/healer would bring optimum healing outcome.

    Self-medication with a homeopathic remedy for minor illnesses is not advisable. Some common sense measures may suffice, i.e. rest, warm bath, and gargle with salt water or sage tea for sore throat, steam inhalations for sinus or head cold, etc. All of these common measures assist your body’s own effort to heal. However, if you experience these minor illnesses frequently, then these could indicate some deeper underlying causes at work that require healing.

    7. Can Prolonged Intake of Suppressants (e.g. pain killer) causes Harm?

    Symptoms of disease are the body’s way to “communicate” with you — indicating that something within (e.g. habits, or negative thought/emotional patterns) necessitates behavioral changes and is in need of healing. Since symptoms are body's effort to "Self-Heal," the suppression of these by our persistent attempts to stop pain using painkillers can cause the body to escalate from the minor illness to deeper pathology (e.g. from occasional headaches to migraines over time). Pain killers (or alcohol/drugs) cannot heal the root cause/s of your pain.

    Suppression of pain/symptoms tends to short-circuit the body’s innate ability to self-organise and self-reference that would result in obstructing its effort to heal by means of the least harm done to itself.

    8. Optimum Healing Outcome is contingent upon our shared RESPONSIBILITIES — the patient and the practitioner

    As a healer, I, firstly, have the responsibility to administer the most appropriate homeopathic remedy for you to begin your healing journey. Secondly, I follow a strict code of conduct/practice to always give my best with impeccable integrity, respect, and honesty in order for me to hold that sacred space of deep healing for you and for us to establish a therapeutic relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

    Your responsibility in your own healing has to do with COMMITMENT, which is made to yourself and necessarily accompanied by your deep DESIRE and COURAGE to be healed. “Your participation” in your own healing with the “Right” attitudes toward yourself will build the healing container that holds the potential for you to be healed deeply when the given remedy is the right one (simillimum). This phenomenon is explained by the basic principles of quantum physics because of the depth in healing — the “observer effects” — how you and I “observe or participate" in this therapeutic relationship of healing does influence the outcome.

  • Long period lapses between visits could mean starting all over again, like the cooling iron, which is counterproductive.

  • Be open, and honest in giving any information as these not only help me to assess your progress and administer the one most suitable remedy for you each time, but also "prepare" you to receive the healing information contained in the remedy simmilimum.

    With Blessings

    Ai-Ling Su

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