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A Short Biography

Prior to my becoming a Homeopath, I was first an Artist, then a Counsellor. However, my quest for self-knowledge and the deep desire to heal that inner sense of woundedness is the thread woven through the inner and outer lives in my ability to live an authentic life.

Academically, I majored in Psychology, an Honours Degree in Sociology (Australia), a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling (Australia), and Diplomas in Homoeopathy (UK), Astrology (UK), and Arts and Design (UK).
It was out of sheer necessity that I came to the profession of homeopathy for personal health reasons. I was interested in homeopathy but studying it did not enter my mind before then. It is nevertheless a natural progression on my personal healing journey where my studying Jungian Psychology equipped me on an inward journey of self-healing and self-discovery. How little did I know, at the beginning of my studies, that I would find in homeopathy the synthesis of my life’s learning, quest for knowledge, and the desire to heal my spirit deeply for the development of Looking-Glass Medicine to be possible.

Carl Gustav Jung, my mentor in spirit, is one of the greatest minds and thinkers of the twentieth century and a “wounded healer of souls.” The importance of his contribution to humanity cannot be measured only in terms of his intellectual achievements and psychological concepts developed, but are in the actual practical application of his theories where archetypes and complexes are real and alive in the human behaviour patterns. Jung, in the trueness of his mapping the human psyche, laid the foundation for the development and realisation of a QUANTUM MEDICINELOOKING-GLASS MEDICINE culminated a synthesis of the two previously separate disciplines into one whole medicine of the twenty-first century.

Having said that, my continuing personal healing journey is the key component in my work as a healer. By my gaining more and more self-knowledge, so it too privileges me with greater insight and the depth of understanding the stages of unfolding in my patients' healing journey — the emergence of a sense of identity, inner integration, and degrees of inner peace in them.

Healing soul wounds is undeniably a path to increasing sense of joy, happiness, and fulfillment of one's creative potential as well as to fulfill the destiny intended in one to become "Who One Innately Is."

The Core ESSENCE of a human being IS

Love and Compassion

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