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Cases & Publications #01




This is one of a number of cases of children with eczema successfully treated at the beginning of my journey on becoming a homoeopath. I do not consider “the disappearance of symptoms” can be regarded as healing. True healing must show some visible signs of “order” that is taking place in the body as the healing progress, e.g. returning symptoms. The "returning symptoms" are indications of the individual’s vital force is putting itself into order – self-referencing and self-organizing.

The consultation was 15/10/02 but the remedy was given on 17/12/2002 - I had to order it from an overseas’ homoeopathic pharmacy. Treating children with eczema can be challenging in itself - John's parents brought him to see me as the last resort when all else has failed so far even though they have more faith in the orthodox medicine than homoeopathy. More to the point, I was concerned about how John’s healing may progress as he received all the vaccinations and was given dermatological creams for the eczema in the past. Since these are suppressive - potentially give rise to “problems” along the path of his healing.

In homoeopathy, with the exception of the First Aid, THERE IS NO ONE REMEDY THAT TREATS A SPECIFIC PHYSICAL CONDITION – healing can only take place when the remedy is constitutionally selected for each individual - Chromium-muriaticum is my choice of remedy for this boy John (see the 3rd case below). The body intelligence WILL put itself in ORDER and harmony when the remedy given is the simillimum.


John was 2½ years old when his parents brought him to see me. He has very bad eczema throughout his whole body and the parents have exhausted all other “alternatives.” The eczema is dry and itchy, he scratches constantly until it bleeds, and other parts of the body are dry with scratching marks. The eczema spots on the right cheek dry and livid red, patches of eczema are found around the whole of the waist area and under the chin that extend from one ear to another.

John also has the tendency to mucous built up (from clear to yellow and green) and then drips down the back of his throat, which causes him to vomit. Stools knotty and constipated. He frequently wakes up from having nightmares. There are many other physical symptoms and fears.

This case is a much-shortened version in keeping with the central purpose of how ECZEMA can be healed and the trouble encountered. This case together with other 3 was published in Australian Homoeopathic Medicine Conference 2004 - Presentation Cases.

I gave John the remedy on 17/12/2002 (Monday), by Saturday (21/12/2002) his mother phoned to tell me that John started vomiting and feverish all night on Friday night. The mother though that this condition may have been caused by a stomach bug that was going around. I advised the mother to keep an eye on him and drink plenty of water to prevent the potential dehydration. Whether John’s vomiting and fever were the consequences of a stomach bug going around or owed to the remedy putting his vital force in order – it is a good response as the body is purging itself the toxicity by vomiting and having fever– these are the defense mechanism of the body against suppressive treatment and the “unfriendly” microbes.

John’s case completed after the third returning visit - 14/02/2003; 9/04/2003; 6/05/2003. John’s parents reported after he was given one dose of the remedy Chromium-muriaticum 30C - he doesn’t scratch as much, but still scratches at night in his sleep. There are only two large sizes (50 pence piece) remains on his left side, one on his left foot, one near the front left shoulder, and the rest of his body is clear. This remedy has made an enormous difference to John’s eczema since he first received it in December 2002. Repeat the same prescription - Chromium-muriaticum 30C for the following 2 visits. All is good.

However, on Monday (5/05/2003), parents phoned to tell me that they stopped John’s remedy at the second dose, as there was an “explosion” of spots all over the body, worst ever. He was covered with spots all over the body from head to toe.
Apparently John’s eczema started to flare up very badly and very itchy all over the body, these were even found on the penis and groins. On hearing this, I enquired: “Which day was John at his worst?” The parents said: “It started 3 days ago, the peak was on Sunday and, then John begins to get better - the spots are disappearing.” I said to the parents on the phone: “Don’t panic, this is a great sign - an indication that his vital force is strong and vital enough to PUSH out the suppressed Psoric miasms (vaccination suppressed measles) and is putting his body in order, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The remedy Chromium-muriaticum is the simillimum for John that not only strengthened his vital force over the past five month which enabled the body to expel the toxins introduced by the vaccinations and, perhaps, the “explosion” of spots has also gotten rid of the Psora miasms all at once.

The onset was sudden that covers almost every part of his body, which is like measles, then these begin to subside steadily, an indication of his vitality is strong enough to expel the toxins from his body. For me, this is a great result when understood how body intelligence would self-organize and self-reference in accordance to Hering’s “Law of the Direction of Cure.”
Healing is From above downwards – begins from the top to below that is most observable in skin conditions that begin from the head down towards extremities, then to the fingers and toes. From within outward (or from centre to circumference) - healing the mental and emotional issues could potentially results in skin rash, which is a “vent” for discharging the negative energies trapped in the body and would disappear in its own time, or the patient can be given a dose of Psorinum (the nosode of Psora – “the itch”) to clear a large extent of the inherited miasms.

When I saw John on Tuesday, the next day after his parents phoned, spots are disappearing though he still looked very bad. One dose of Psorinum 30C (the nosode of psora – the itch) given to complete this Case of ECZEMA.

That was the last time I saw John. He is well to this day (news from his aunt who was my patient), at the time of writing this paper for my presentation (4 Cases of Children with Eczema) at the Australian 2004 Homoeopathic Conference.

Case Two: INCEST ABUSE - “As If The Scales Had Fallen Off My Eyes”

This is a woman in her fifties; she is petite and softly spoken. Her father sexually abused her from the age nine to eighteen. Her story is accounted briefly in the following, and her subsequent healing is no less than miraculous for her – the inner transformation. I shall call her Alison.

Case History

During Alison's birth, her mother haemorrhaged, which resulted in Alison being separated from her mother for eight days. Consequence of such traumatic beginning of life affected the proper bonding between mother and daughter; hence, the feeling of never being loved persisted throughout her life. Her parents’ marriage was not happy, they argued and bickered constantly. Alison’s father was an alcoholic, sexually abused her up to eighteen years of age. In order to survive her childhood she tends to shut down when faced with problems – she is afraid of anger and because of which it’ll take an awful lot to get her angry. She used to go to the closet and scream as a way to express her emotions. … She feels a great deal of shame associated with the abuse.

Alison relates her life’s happenings in a very matter of fact manner with composure, no emotions. She had a nervous break down after her father’s death and spent some time in hospital. She says, “I felt cheated because he was cremated, which didn’t even give me a chance to “swear” at him or express my anger at his grave, but before his death, he did apologize for his abuse of me as he could see how my life was a mess and a very unhappy one. On the scale of 1-10, his effort to apologize was a 6.”

Physical Symptoms:

Her Thyroid problem was pregnancy related (mother & sister have hypothyroidism) – manages with Thyroxin (2.5 mg a day for 25 years)
Parasites, Candida. Her emotional issues in life are expressed as pains in solar plexus. There are other physical and emotional symptoms too. I deleted her “Case Analysis” to keep this case short.

HEALING Responses

Alison is much better after the remedy and was doing a lot of things for her husband to make him more comfortable because he has been sick. However, he is picking faults with Alison’s effort just as before. She feels that the remedy helped her to get more insight into the situations at home; “gives me permission to make choices instead of a constant need to be in control. Now I am more able to respond and see where I am controlling.”

Alison also had a dream of being on a boat, which is ship wrecked. Her dream speaks volumes, clearly depicting her life at the present time. Her real life situation is brought into her consciousness – “ship wrecked.”

She begins to experience the old emotions re-surfacing, and desires to be left alone. Alison further relates to me of the changes that are taking place: “I start taking an interest in things, which haven’t been addressed for a long time, creativity is coming back with new ideas and enthusiasm. I am more in touch with my spirituality as if a block has been removed, and more able to express how I feel and what I need. My compulsion to control has abated, as I am feeling safer so more able to let go of things that may be less important.”

Alison is also aware that she has been dreaming a great deal – much more frequent than usual. Many dreams indicate to me that healing is taking place in the unconscious – process and transform the old behavior patterns.

I Change the Remedy to address the issue of incest. As soon as Alison took the remedy she began to sob – crying loudly for about ten minutes, and saying: “I have been in this place many times before [crying during the many counselling sessions in the past], but this feels very different; it’s purging, never experienced anything like it, and I am able to get rid off of that awful feeling stuck inside me.”

Alison was given five doses of the remedy in 30C potency over the next two months period. During this time, Alison also came to see things with so much more clarity - “as if the “scales” had fallen off my eyes.”

6 months into treatment – 5 follow-ups: “I am becoming more aware of so many things that are wrong now. My husband is a mild “psychopath” – everything is about power, winning and getting his way..”

What follows over the next few months was a total transformation with increasing inner strength and self-validation. From thereon, Alison demanded respect and equality in her marriage, she would not settle for anything less. Her inner transformation has given her the courage to be treated with respect, kindness, and consideration – she is now in a place that she cannot acquiesce to please her husband as dis before. Her demands brought about a temporary separation from her husband and she stood her ground and stayed in her truth without compromising.

The separation lasted for a few months but it has a positive and happy outcome – Alison and her husband "re-negotiated" their “roles,” which was followed by the renewal of their wedding vow two months later - signifying the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She reported that the marriage is going well - when her husband got mad at things Alison was able to keep calm and firmly ask him only to talk to her when he calms down without the old feeling of being victimised.

Alison’s recent report was that her marriage is going really well; they are now able to travel together without the accustomed arguments that plagued them in the past. End of Case.

Case Three: SEVERE DEPRESSION - Shining, Dazzling Exterior of Chromium


This is a case of a man who suffered many years of debilitating DEPRESSION became well and free from “the feeling of devastation” about his illness in a very short time. This is achieved by way of what I pioneered and termed “Looking-Glass Medicine.”

OUTCOME of Deep Healing with Looking-Glass Medicine

This is a short case with remarkable results. Brad, a man in his early seventy’s, came to see me in regard to his severe depression, which he experienced periodically since age 57, but it got progressively worse to the point of him unable to perform simple daily tasks. This was achieved within the timeframe of two and a half months for two reasons. 1) Brad’s deep desire to be healed, 2) I prescribed the most similar remedy of correct potency.

Healing (childhood) trauma is essential to how one lives one’s life as the experiences of trauma in life (e.g. sexual, physical, emotional abuses, or traumatic accidents) change “who one is” fundamentally. In turn, these experiences impact on perception, belief systems, and sense of self that inevitably form the foundation of personal reality. As Jung says that “character is one’s fate” because one create one’s life with the inner substances – these are the patterns of perception, the belief systems, and the sense of who one is.

This case ended, at the time when Brad went to South America on holiday because he has achieved the main purpose for seeking homoeopathic healing at the first place.

Case History

Brad, a man in his 70s, suffers from depression for a number of years. The sole purpose for his visit is because he wanted to be well enough to travel to South America in February 2010 with his friends (the first visit is at the beginning of November 2009). The timeframe is 2 1/2 months for me to “fix” him. Although he is medicated by anti-depressant for many years, has recently lost all self-confidence and energy. The normally simple tasks such as making phone calls would take him hours to just psych himself up to do so, let alone of being able to travel overseas.

He is not sure if this sudden loss of confidence is because of the anesthetics used in an operation he had in 2008 - a stent was put into the heart artery to increase the blood flow - radio active dye was injected all through the heart. He also had a colonoscopy, which required anesthetics too.

Brad worked with intellectually disabled people. He was made redundant and pensioned off, at the age of 57, when the organization changed its work conditions and requirements. Shortly afterwards, he had two nervous breakdowns in 1992 - he has been taking Setraline (50mg a day) ever since. Brad says: “Setraline seems to do the job.”

Brad: "I used to be the life of the party. I have a good life, nothing to complain about. I got to get my self-confidence back so I can function and make decisions. At the moment, I can’t make decisions. This debilitating feeling happened once when I was in Nepal. Everything was fabulous but I just couldn’t shake it off, I was unable to function. I felt like this while I was still in Nepal and continued. … I don’t feel shame attached to my being made redundant. Somehow, it was an incident with a patient that triggered it off - I just couldn’t handle the situation, couldn’t handle him whereas I should be able to. No reason why I should be depressed.

Brad says: "My faith – the Catholic religion is the most important, then, my wife. She has depression all the time. Everything affects me. … I had low self-image as a child, not well at studying in schools at all. Did apprenticeship in my teens. I had 17 different jobs try to find out what to do. … These experiences reminded me that I was no good at doing any things especially when they go wrong. I often get very angry - had a terrible temper. I didn’t like school. Whatever I do, I prefer people to help me out rather than just watching. I need to put up a good front. As I get older I will take a chance and become more cunning. When I did the National Service, a few of us got up to mischief when dared - of course, I wouldn’t do it by myself but did it with others. I have one older brother, and we fought like mad, got on well with my sister who is 18 months younger. Love animals, competency is important.

Brad: Got on well with mother, but I never felt that I was accepted by my father, he never thought that I was good enough - I think we were quite similar in personality.

On Brad's last visit, Brad says: “The remedies worked very subtly - I can assess how I am feeling and being honest with my feelings - can’t fake the feeling of depression. Now I can’t even remember the feeling of devastation about my depression anymore. The sickness in my stomach is very much improved.

Brad had 4 visits in total like the boy with eczema he was prescribed with a combination of Chromium 30C - total 5 doses.


Zoloft (Setraline) is used to treat depression, OCD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, PTSD and PMDD. Usage, dosage, side effects of Zoloft.

Cases & Publications #02


Many individuals were given the same remedy combinations but their healing outcome is very different from one to another, and of which I am often astonished by what each patient relates to me as in how the healing has taken place within them. The healing of their physical ailments takes place following the deep soul healing, and this is because the CAUSAL agents, the effects of trauma, have been healed.

Looking-Glass Medicine is QUANTUM MEDICINE - the healing outcome in each individual though often times miraculous is "Uncertain and Unpredictable," which relates to The Heisenberg's "Uncertainty Principle." This Principle is not about the success of failure of healing, but is INTRINSICALLY related to the individual PATTERNS of PROBABILITIES - What are required of healing in the individual's personal unconscious. I cannot or even attempt to "predict" how the healing would takes place.


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